ellie takes her coffee black...like her soul.


sean + emma + “i’d love to.”

"Why because I don’t want to make out in front of other people?"

No. I just want to tell the truth. I don’t want to lie anymore. I still love you.

I don’t feel good. I have to go home.

Okay, but this isn’t about Tracker or your parents or my parents. This is about you and me.

You know what Tracker? You sound just like dad, whenever he lost his job or whenever he quit or whenever he got fired and he just- [Yeah except then he’d go and take all our money and blow it on booze. Do you see me doing that?!] 2x16 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

Just stop reminding me okay! It sucks that I have to repeat the 7th grade. I don’t have to have you rubbing it in my face!


Running to something. A year from now I’m gonna open my own shop in TO. Cameron’s Custom Cars